In order to bring practical value to customers when shopping, NATICO officially launches the program TODAY POINTS TODAY – DAILY OFFERS as follows:

I. Policy

The ratio of the product and the focus

Percentage of points: 100,000 VND = 3 points (3% of bill)

Focus ratio: 1 point = 1,000 VND

Minimum accumulation of focus points: 1 point


Valid from March 14, 2020 until further notice.

Old customers will be re-updated for accumulated points according to the value of purchased invoices before 12/03/2020.


When you accumulate points

There are points for bills with focus

Do not earn points for products with discounts.

Round off your accumulation points. For example: If a customer purchases goods with an invoice worth VND 85,000, he / she will earn 3%, equivalent to VND 2,550 = 2.5 points.

Unlimited accumulation points. When customers at the store can use their points to convert to money deducted from purchase invoices.

When the focus

Verify using accumulated points via SMS.

Get the spotlight on the sale.


Each customer only applies points to 01 purchase phone number, not accumulating points from multiple phone numbers.

Accumulated points cannot be exchanged for cash.