Product Type:

Full-priced products (Not applicable to products purchased during promotions and discounts)

Product exchange time:

Within 03 days from the date of purchase or the date of receipt of goods Online (Date of receipt Online according to the consignor’s confirmation)

Product specifications:

Purchased products have intact purchase invoices that have not been altered.

Products must be intact, unused, unused, repaired, laundered, not dirty, damaged, or have a strange smell.

Products not accepted for exchange: (for unused products)

Time to purchase or receive goods is more than 03 days.

No purchase invoices.

The label is not intact, the product’s accessories are incomplete or damaged due to the use of not following the instructions on the product.

Discount products.

Value of exchanged products:

Only one exchange for each product.

The product value is equal to or higher than the value of the product exchanged and the difference amount will be paid.

Products purchased are not returned.

Place of exchange: Stores in the NATICO network.

General rules:

Apart from defective products from the manufacturing side, NATICO does not handle any product return cases. NATICO does not refund money of any kind. In case of additional shipping fees, customers should pay.

* Policies subject to change according to promotions.